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About Us

Buendia Enterprises, Inc is a Minority Owned Business that serves as a Contractor for Construction Projects as well as Energy and Renewable energy strategies.  We speak English, Spanish and Danish.

Our mission is to be a stakeholder in your business by looking out for superior quality suppliers at reasonable prices that can help your business excel.  Our motto is "We win if you win."

In short, we want to BE your solution!

We are a privately owned, Texan based company, providing services to the Independent Owned companies that benefit from building indirect "purchase groups."  We sum the parts and negotiate on behalf of all without committing anyone to anything, simply offering the benefits of Economies of Scale.  In that process we finance and deliver the products to our clients making it cost effective for their operations.

We don't compete in price!  We make sure that any product we offer to our clients and the Market Place is of superior quality, hence our rates will be the most competitive for the quality being utilized.

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Who We Are

An entrepreneurial flexible firm! 
Our History
Our company started in 2010 providing Consulting Services to Export and Import between the US and Mexico.  As our business took off, we changed it course by Representing companies here and there.  We then evolved into becoming a contractor instead, and now we use most of our expertise to benefit our clients when engaging in the procurement of products and services and helping their projects succeed by delivering great price and service.