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Gravel delivery

We are a main supplier of a variety of different types of gravel in Houston, Austin and Dallas – Fort Worth markets.  Because of our logistics, we are able to cater any point in between or at a radius of 50 miles away from those three hubs.

Our suppliers are experienced manufacturers of these items and most of them have their product certified through TXDot and are listed in their Concrete Rated Source Quality Catolog, Material Producer List.

  • Limestone:  Is a course aggregate with multiple functional or decorative uses.  It is highly recommended to use washed limestone as in most cases it is needed for this product to mix with other materials to be turned into concrete or simply to allow permeability.  Unwashed limestone, will not have a positive effect for the above purposes since it will have too many fines and/or contain clay.  The Among the uses of Crushed Limestone:
  • Cncrete Aggregate – when mixed with sand, cement and water.
  • Rad Base – it is affordable, reliable and will offer a comfortable ride.
  • Pipe Bedding – it is a preferred material because it can level and supprt pipes as it does not expand and contract.  Therefre, it also insulates the pipe from any soil movements that could occur because of moisture, traffic above or soil distress.
  • Under Slab Fill – It helps keep the cncrete level, good drainage and prevents settlement cracking.
  • Driveways – its prvides a firmer grip onto the tires of a vehicle when rolling on this material.
  • Railrad Ballast – They support the rail ties and allow for water to flow through and away from the tracks.
  • RipRap – it is an affordable stone and prevents shore erosion

Sand Delivery Services

Trust Buendia Enterprises, Inc for the prompt delivery of your sand on the construction site or for any size of landscaping project.

Our professional staff is highly trained and our number one concern is your complete satisfaction. We strive to provide our customers with the most personalized service, and our sand delivery is both reliable and efficient.

Providing fast sand delivery services.

Sand and Gravel Delivery Houston
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Gravel Delivery Services

Buendia Enterprises, Inc offers sand and gravel delivery services to all residents in the area and will also ensure that your project is completed on time.

We offer the best in customer service to each and every one of our clients and always guaranteeing complete satisfaction. If you need gravel delivery service to your home, office, or workspace, give us a call and we will handle all of your gravel needs!

Delivering quality gravel to your construction site.

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We provide fast delivery services!