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Landscaping Supplier

Buendia Enterprises, Inc supplies top-quality material for your landscaping projects in Houston.

Contact us for any sand and gravel needs for your construction project.


Construction Sand/Coarse Sand

  • Description:  Washed Construction Sand can be used for making Redi-Mix Concrete, Fill Material, Beach Repair, Drainage & Erosion Control and Playground, Filtration material for bio-retention ponds, bedding sand, volleyball courts, horse racing tracks and horse riding arenas.

Fine Sand/Masonry Sand

  • Description:  It can be used for masonry work, bedding material for pool installation, bunker sand, admix for topsoil, Golf courses for bunkers and non-staining play sand.



  • #57 or 1” - Washed Aggregate
  • 3/8” – 1 ½” Utility Rock
  • 3/8” Utility Rock
  • 1” x 2” Rock Backfill
  • 3” Commercial Base
  • 1 – ¾” Commercial Base
  • ¼” minus Select Fill/Screening


  • Enriched Top Soil
  • Mulch (several colors)

River Rock

  • 3/8” Pea Gravel
  • 1” Gravel
  • 1 ½” Gravel
  • 2” Bunker Rock
  • 2” – 5” Bull Rock


  • ½” - 1” Fairland Pink
  • ½” Minus Decomposed Granite
  • ¼” Minus Decomposed Granite

Landscaping Material Supplier

Buendia Enterprises, Inc is your landscaping material supplier. We supply quality sand and gravel for decorative outdoor projects.

We offer high quality and unique landscaping products to beautify homes and gardens. Our team is constantly seeking out new sources to be able to offer a wide variety of sand and gravel options. Get in touch!

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The Best Landscaping Materials

Using sand and gravel as aggregate materials for an outdoor landscaping project is a great idea. They are the perfect fit for installing the base materials prior to starting.

Good quality sand and gravel will give your rock garden, fountain base or pathways a more natural feel and improve the look. Order quality materials from Buendia Enterprises, Inc!

A material that can help your landscaping project look it's best

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