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Sand Supplier

We are a main supplier of a variety of sands in Houston, Austin and Dallas – Fort Worth markets.  Because of our logistics, we are able to cater any point in between or at a radius of 50 miles away from those three hubs.

Our suppliers are experienced manufacturers of these items and most of them have their product certified through TXDot and are listed in their Concrete Rated Source Quality Catalog, Material Producer List.

Construction Sand/Coarse Sand

  • Description:  Washed Construction Sand can be used for making Redi-Mix Concrete, Fill Material, Beach Repair, Drainage & Erosion Control and Playground, Filtration material for bio-retention ponds, bedding sand, volleyball courts, horse racing tracks and horse riding arena

Fine Sand/Masonry Sand

  • Description:  It can be used for masonry work, bedding material for pool installations, bunker sand, admix for topsoil, Golf courses for bunkers and non-staining play sand.

Turf Sand

  • Description:  It is a fine dried sand that allows drainage underneath the turf.

Frac Sand

  • Description:  There are different varieties of Frac Sand (Stimulation) Sand used by the Oil and Gas companies.  This sand can be sold wet or dried depending on its destination.  There are several gradations, please call to tell us your specific needs.

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